• When drawing squirly text and tracing a background,  in addition to between two lines or two points, there is a new option to use a center dot along each of the start and end lines.
  • When plain text is drawn using a line, a new option will shrink the whole text item to fit the line, decreasing its font size as necessary. The minimum and maximum font sizes can be specified.
  • When text is filled using the background, an improved outline algorithm is used.
  • When squirly text is drawn as the mouse moves, an improved outline algorithm is used.
  • A color may be specified when a background image is used to fill characters. This is very helpful when areas of the background are white. The new color is shows through when the opacity slider is used.
  • Smoother size transitions are used when real time plain text is drawn.
  • Textures that are used to fill text can be tiled or stretched across the entire text string with two new options.
  • Images can be added to the drawing board with drag and drop or from the clipboard using Shift+Alt with the left mouse button. Images work exactly the same way as layers and can be moved, rotated and scaled.
  • A new Randomize menu selection can be used to create a new text file from an existing one, randomizing the lines of text.