Pingotec® Pro is here with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 support!
The latest version is

If you would like us to make a custom picture using your
image and text file
for only $45 please contact us using
the Contact page to request more details!

Paint pictures with text – only $30.00!  Some of the many features:

  • Free form curved text can be drawn anywhere. Every text item is on a layer.
  • Create different sized text depending on how fast you move the mouse.
  • Use any number of fonts while drawing text.
  • Draw text from a string or feed a file of text records.
  • Color your text using any color selection.
  • Both Ansi and Unicode fonts are supported.
  • Trace background images and fill them with text.
  • Style your text using an image to fill the characters.
  • Color your text using a background image.
  • Export the Drawing Board as an image file.
  • Copy the drawing board to the clipboard as a graphic image.
  • Save the Drawing Board and reload it later.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit processing
  • Parallel processing for speed